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Tim Hodges

Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Calls

On 4 May Our parish clerk said that  John Dwyer,the PCC for Cheshire candidate, wanted to meet urgently as Lostock Gralam residents were concerned at traveller behaviour. Meeting at the Weavers Whistle pub showed bailifs had been called in by the brewery to evict the caravans on the car park. Various acts of vandalism and assault occured and the police were called in. On contacting police later to see how this could be avoided in future the result was non committal. Risk assessment suggested that passive waiting was the strategy!

Congratulations however to John Dwyer on winning the election and showing an interest in our community.


Strange reappearance of Blenheim bomber remains



On our beach stroll this morning we found that the sea had uncovered the remains of this plane. Research by Ron Grimshaw reveals that it is part of a Blenheim Bomber that crashed into Embleton Bay on 25th April 1941. It will be interesting to see if the sea and sand have reclaimed  the remains tomorrow- how strange that it had re appeared at almost 80 years to the day!!

Entertaining virtual social get together

Thanks to Peter McGahey of Hereord and Monmouthshire Branch of the IWFS who invited us for an amusing evening on the 19 March. A quiz question was what was the occasion when roast Bear and Elephant consomme was served by a famous French Chef?  Angela came up with the answer which was 1870 during the siege of Paris by the Prussians when the animals in the zoo had to be eaten!

Emergency at Stockport

My partner Angela  called me at 7.30am yesterday to say she was waiting for an ambulance to take her to hospital after a fall.

After ECG and CT scans it was diagosed as soft tissue damage only so now thankfully semi fit for Mothers Day!