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International Wine & Food Society

In an always-on world full of constant digital interactions, the opportunity to share a meal, a treasured glass of wine, and an educational moment with a group of friends is a rare treat.

As members of the International Wine and Food Society, we think these opportunities shouldn’t be so rare.

Our more than 6000 members believe in regularly gathering to share a connection through wine, food, pleasant conversation and meaningful friendships that develop locally but expand globally.

Tim is Secretary of the Merseyside and Mid Cheshire branch of the IWFS and the members will make you very welcome at their events.

 23 March  12.30 for 1pm Lunch Olivers-Woodford
16 April   12.30 for 1pm Lunch Wreckfish-Liverpool
21 May 12.30 for 1pm Cibo – Wilmslow
18 June 7 for 7.30pm Royal Oak Hotel ,Kelsall
7 July 12.30 for 1 pm Picnic Francis Weighill’s Estate Kingsley
Contact Tim for further details