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Neighbourhood Watch Grows in Lostock Gralam

There are at present six Neighbourhood Watch schemes in our local area and, thanks to Dilys and Pat, invitation cards have been delivered  recently inviting more people to join schemes and as a result, to date, ten new members have signed up.

Lostock Gralam – Harris Rd. N/H Watch Scheme
Lostock Gralam – School Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Lostock Gralam Community Centre NW Scheme
Northwich – Shakerley – Birches Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Northwich, Lostock – Hesketh Drive Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Northwich, Lostock – Manchester Rd Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

We are inviting our co-ordinators, to come to the Parish Council meetings which are held on the first Monday of each month in the Church Hall to discuss the security of their neighbourhood with the Parish Council and our PCSO Phil Hambleton often attends.
Phil, and the police generally, are looking for more feedback from the public so that action can be taken effectively and the Neighbourhood Watch schemes are set up so we can all make a difference by having useful two-way communication.