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Tim Hodges

Exciting IWFS Merseyside and Mid Cheshire Branch events for 2022


All Suggestions considered

La Boheme -dinner 20 January 2022

Spirit Restaurant – lunch 17 Feb -great venue and will receive an Award for Excellence

Wine tasting 15 March at the Assembly Bar in Chester

Next Door dinner 19 May.

Picnic at Val and Pauls 5 June and Platinum Jubilee and AGM

Church Green -Lymm Themed dinner by Aiden Byrne 6.30 for 7pm Wednesday 6 July

Define Restaurant, Sandiway 12.30 for 1pm Wednesday 7 September

Great Weekend Tyn Y Cornel Hotel , Tal Y LLYN , TYWYN 21and 22 October

Christmas Party at the Grosvenor late November -early December

Great NHS Team

My full knee replacement was carried on Wednesday finally 7 July 2021 by Nick Boyce Cam at Leighton Hospital, Crewe.

The op took 1 hour 20 minutes and my sincere thanks go to the whole team in the operating theatre who played my Joseph Locke requests throughout.

Ward 9 staff were brilliant and the physio finally thought I was safe to go on Friday 9 July.

We really are incredibly fortunate to have this caring NHS.

Jackie Weaver said “NO”

I asked Chalc if it was possible to chair the parish council meeting via zoom as I would be self isolating prior to my replcement knee operation.

Jackie came back with an emphatic NO  but advised I could attend via zoom as a public person- the font of all knowledge!

Exploding microwave in Heaton Mersey

Panic stricken call received after microwave at Angela’s house set on fire and filled the house with noxious fumes- no serious damge done fortuneately but will now contact manufacturer, health and safety and to get a fully wired smoke detctor.

Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Calls

On 4 May Our parish clerk said that  John Dwyer,the PCC for Cheshire candidate, wanted to meet urgently as Lostock Gralam residents were concerned at traveller behaviour. Meeting at the Weavers Whistle pub showed bailifs had been called in by the brewery to evict the caravans on the car park. Various acts of vandalism and assault occured and the police were called in. On contacting police later to see how this could be avoided in future the result was non committal. Risk assessment suggested that passive waiting was the strategy!

Congratulations however to John Dwyer on winning the election and showing an interest in our community.